Healthy Thoughts by Dr. Helena

Snow Day!

Posted: January 27, 2019
By: Dr. Helena

Another snow day is upon us!  I have to admit I'm like a little kid when the fluffy white stuff falls from the sky.  Growing up on Long Island, we so rarely had a snow day, I still get excited by the thought of it.  With a snow day already announced on a Sunday evening, I get to sit up and wait for the storm to start.  I'm very fortunate that I get to be home with the kids tomorrow and look out the window with them first thing like it's Christmas morning.  We have no plans to go anywhere and no plans to do anything.  I got work done today so I can just let the day plan itself; a little snow time, a little hot chocolate time, a little play time and quite possibly a little cuddle-up-on-the-couch time.  

But in truth, I'm not always good with "doing nothing."  I'm a bit of a workaholic and there's always something to get accomplished.  These sort of magical days are just what I need to "just be."  Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to enjoy a free day.  We have these so rarely, why not just give in and have a play day with the kids?  When was the last time you had nothing planned and just enjoyed a day off?  Let's take this opportunity to add more fun and laughter into our lives and we will be healthier for it!  


Posted: January 23, 2019
By: Dr. Helena


At BFC, we do four fundraisers a year.  We start and end the year with fundraisers for the Fort Peck Indian Reservation.  In December, four of us from BFC went to the res to give out the gifts raised during the Christmas on the Reservation fundraiser in October and November.  Each time I go, I am excited to see the positive changes that are taking place.  This year, the kids came out in the hall to meet and greet us at one of the schools we visited.  It was overwhelming and beautiful and emotional.  I am honored to be a part of Love Has No Color and we constantly look for different ways BFC can be involved.  In past years we have hosted an annual bowling event and had quilt raffles for our first fundraiser of the year.  This year we are auctioning off an awesome gift that comes with the feeling of summer!  Each raffle ticket is $10.  People that come to our health talks, and refer in new patients will receive a free raffle ticket!  For New Patients, a donation of $50 to Love Has No Color will cover the cost of their first visit here at BFC.  (This first visit donation does NOT apply to Medicare and Medicaid.)  This is a great opportunity to help support the children on the Fort Peck Reservation as well as help you and your family get healthier this year. 

When LHNC began 13 years ago, the donations went towards building out a movie theater and the Chiropractic Clinic.  The entire building was condemned at that time.  Seven years of work and hundreds of volunteers later, both were completed. Since then, the kids have a social meeting pace that provides protection from dangerous influences like gangs, drugs and crime.  Food is often provided for the children at the movie theater.  This year 100% of donations from this event will go towards the preservation and maintenance of the theater. Please help us continue to provide a safe haven for the kids on the reservation.  We truly need your help!





Posted: January 23, 2019
By: Dr. Helena

For the last few months, I have been going through every closet and drawer in our house.  I am not manic about it by any means.  I go where inspiration strikes me, like “What is in the guest room dresser drawers?”  I open them up one by one and either add stuff to the Goodwill pile or put it where it might actually belong or become aware that we have this particular item so we don’t buy another one.  In most drawers there is excess and possibly things another person could use.  As humans we accumulate stuff.  When the stuff becomes clutter, it frustrates me and I feel overwhelmed by it.  I do enjoy finding new homes for things and it feels good to get fresh air into a previously cluttered drawer or closet. 

Awareness of our surroundings is important.  But what about awareness of our bodies?  Most often our body gets ignored, because we are afraid to step on that scale and then be responsible for what we see there.  I find the human ego is very interesting.  I people watch all the time.  The ego says, “If I actually knew what my current weight was, and didn’t like it, I would have to become responsible to my health to change it.”  That is just too painful, so we will just avoid it altogether. 

It is hard to get back to exercising, because if you stopped and you decide to start again, you most likely won’t have the same strength or endurance you had before.  That loss can make one feel like a failure, so we just avoid exercising altogether.

We truly need to start just becoming aware for the sake of awareness and not place any emotions to it.  It is just a start point. Period. If we want to change our weight, our endurance, our strength or our environment, we need to start somewhere.  I challenge you to start with the junk drawer in your house.  Empty it.  Throw out garbage, make a goodwill bag and put back what you need so you can find it when you need it.  I challenge you to get on that scale.  Write down the weight and take your measurements.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful and commit to changing those numbers if you feel they need changing.  Don’t be manic about it.  Don’t harbor negative feelings towards yourself.  Just get up and start moving because it’s good for you.

On January 1st, I pulled my Fitbit out of my drawer, charged it and put it on.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to record what I ate each day and how much water I drank.  But in truth it brought forth awareness of what I was doing.  Since I have to check in with the computer each day, it also helped to create responsibility.  What am I putting in my mouth each day? Does that allow me to thrive? Or is it making me sick?  Is it helping me reach my goals? Or is it counterproductive?  What are your goals? You can’t change if you don’t know where you’re going.  Commit to change this year. Commit to being a better you.  It helps me to have goals on my Fitbit for how many steps I took today; how many staircases did I climb, and how many times did I exercise this week?  How are my stats this week compared to last?  We all have a little competitive side.  Why not compete to make yourself better?

The treatment plans we lay out for you at the office work.  Why not commit yourself to that plan to get the most out of your care in our office? Commit to coming to our health talk so you are fully engaged in your healing.  There is such a difference in the outcome of those that commit to themselves versus those that don’t.  We, the Chiropractors at BFC, will NEVER quit on you.  We always see opportunity and potential regardless of age or past history.  Sadly some people quit on themselves and never give themselves a chance for a better life.  But those that commit, get a life back they often didn’t think was possible!  And there is nothing better than that. 

Miles's Story

Posted: May 23, 2018
By: Dr. Helena

Miles has inspired many Chiropractors to study CATS.  You can read Miles's story in the Important Patient Records Folder you receive on your first visit here at BFC.  His story was also published in a book named; "The Making of a Miracle" compiled by Dr. Kevin Pallis, DC.  If you are interested in learning more, ask for a copy of Miles's story in book or booklet form. If you are at BFC when Miles is visiting, you may even receive a "cranial adjustment" from Mr. Miles! 

Dr. Jed Emms, DC is a CATS instructor for the U.S.A.

Posted: May 23, 2018
By: Dr. Helena

Dr. Jed Emms, DC is performing a cranial adjustment on our son, Miles Beacom.  Dr. Jed Emms, DC has a family practice in Grand Rapids and is child focused.  Dr. Jed is a Whitehall native and has a beautiful wife and two handsome sons.  To learn more about Dr. Jed, visit

Dr. Helena is a CATS Instructor for the U.S.A.

Posted: May 23, 2018
By: Dr. Helena


I would like to apologize for not writing a blog for some time.  As a Mother, Wife and Doctor of Chiropractic, life is just well. . . busy.  I have partnered with Dr. Jed Emms, DC to teach Cranial Adjusting Turner Style with Dr. Roger Turner's permission.  We are embarking on a new adventure and we get to share cranial adjusting with Chiropractors around the country.  Dr. Jed and I have a lot to do before we can schedule our very first seminar co-teaching together, but we are excited!  I will keep you posted on our progress and when our CATS website is up and running.  In the meantime, visit Dr. Jed Emms, DC @ and Dr. Roger Turner, DC @ and  


Posted: December 14, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

Dr. Brent and I recently attended The Ultimate Breakthrough Event, given by The Plentz Academy of Chiropractic. It was there that I realized, I am inspired by people who put their fears aside, and instead act to help humankind. At the event, I watched 25 individuals face their fears by walking on fire and glass; breaking boards with their bare hands; and even bending rebar using their throats. After a weekend of not only watching, but participating myself in such amazing feats, I came to the realization that if you surround yourself with people who put their fears aside, then you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to.

We at BFC, have been fostering an environment of health and wellness, for the past 15 years. We strive to create a place where laughter and love greet you at the door. A place where you may come to us as clients, but you leave us as friends. During this month of thankfulness, I want to take the time to thank all of you for inspiring me. Your stories and actions are what motivates me to continue to grow my vocation as a Chiropractor.

Stories such as, the practice member who tirelessly travels hours every week to train her dog to become a search and rescue dog, to someday rescue a missing child or adult. Or the woman who stood up to for her neighbor and community, by reporting a crime even though it put her at risk. The parents who drive their son to countless hockey practices, games, tournaments, and camps; just to show him they will support him and his dreams at whatever cost. I admire the 70-year-old man who completed a half marathon! Or the story of a practice member following another practice member home to help him climb the stairs to his house, because she saw he was alone and in pain. I admire the mother who drives twice a week from Grand Rapids, so her children can receive chiropractic adjustments, which will give them the foundation for a life of health and wellness. I am in awe of the parents who open their hearts and home to foster children, who for however brief, will know what it feels like to be loved and cherished. I admire the woman who shares her chiropractic care with her mother and siblings, so they too can live a healthier life. I respect the woman who juggles a family and career, yet still makes time to exercise daily, for she knows exercise makes her a better wife, mother, sister, friend, and teacher. Finally, I am in wonderment of the mother who labors for hours, while her loving husband supports her, so they can birth a beautiful child into this world.

These are only a few of the thousands of stories that have inspired me over the years. Your stories and actions motivate me to face my fears, and to commit daily, to perform random acts of kindness.

And for this, I thank you!

Holiday Hours

Posted: December 14, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

Please be aware of our hours through the holidays. Open: Saturday, December 23 and Saturday, December 30 from 9-11:45 am. Closed: Monday, December 25, Tuesday, December 26 and Monday, January 1. Take advantage of our Saturday hours since both Mondays will be closed. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

We keep our standard hours on our Website's home page and our Facebook page. To watch for a change to our hours, please check Facebook posts on our page, my "Healthy Thoughts" blog as well as our office emails. If you are not receiving emails from us, please call the office for more information: 231-893-1744.


Do You Want to Be Healthier?

Posted: November 13, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

If I was to ask you, “Do you want to be healthier?” I’d imagine you’d say “Yes.”  If I asked if you wanted your children to be healthier, you’d say “Yes.”  If I asked about your loved ones, you’d say “Yes.” Who on this planet actually doesn’t want better health?

Then problem I found is that the bridge between getting or being healthier, and how Chiropractic plays a part, isn’t always clear. 

Chiropractic comes across as complicated with words like “Subluxation,” and “Degeneration.”  Most people don’t know which organ is our Master Organ (The Brain) and they do not know that we have a network of over 74 trillion nerves between the brain and the body.  And that is OK.  But what we need to understand is that Chiropractic is truly simple.  Chiropractors examine you for “blocks to healing,” or interferences to the body’s ability to function properly and be truly healthy.  Chiropractors find and adjust those blockages and allow for the body to do the healing.  The massive nerve network can communicate easier and the body can work as God intended.  Chiropractors also remove blockages to our connection to Grand Organized Designer, the “Higher Power.”  Healthier People = Healthier Planet means if our connection to self, others, community and GOD are at their best, then we are at our best.

So with that in mind, how does one stop Chiropractic care? The desire to be connected, especially in today’s world, has never been greater.  What we can offer you is to have your body working better, not just today, three months from now or even a year from now.  Why not work at being our best for a lifetime?

Chiropractic for a lifetime seems like a very large commitment (although that is what I offer my children, and your children deserve that too).  Health for a lifetime sounds grand. Connection to self, others and a higher power sounds ideal. God gave us this body to care for and love.  Let’s do Him a favor and honor that gift.

It comes down to two choices.  Do we want a life that’s “Not bad,” or a life that is great?  It is up to you!

Our Annual Children's Appreciation Day Santa Event is November 30th

Posted: November 6, 2017
By: Dr. Helena


Children Appreciation Day, With Santa!

BFC is holding our annual Children Appreciation Day with Santa onThursday, November 30th!The event startsat3pm. Santa arrives at 3:30pm. Our professional photographer, Shawna, will be taking the kids' pictures with Santa. The Massage Therapists will be giving complementary kid massages. Our already established "Chiro-Kids" will receive a complementary adjustment and the chance to put their hand print on our kids room wall. This event is open to the public. Parents have an opportunity to have their children examined by Dr. Brent and Dr. Helena, to learn more about Chiropractic for their children, to take advantage of the picture with Santa, the massages and goodies. All are welcome to enjoy this fun event! Light refreshments will be served.