Healthy Thoughts by Dr. Helena


Posted: December 14, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

Dr. Brent and I recently attended The Ultimate Breakthrough Event, given by The Plentz Academy of Chiropractic. It was there that I realized, I am inspired by people who put their fears aside, and instead act to help humankind. At the event, I watched 25 individuals face their fears by walking on fire and glass; breaking boards with their bare hands; and even bending rebar using their throats. After a weekend of not only watching, but participating myself in such amazing feats, I came to the realization that if you surround yourself with people who put their fears aside, then you will succeed at whatever you put your mind to.

We at BFC, have been fostering an environment of health and wellness, for the past 15 years. We strive to create a place where laughter and love greet you at the door. A place where you may come to us as clients, but you leave us as friends. During this month of thankfulness, I want to take the time to thank all of you for inspiring me. Your stories and actions are what motivates me to continue to grow my vocation as a Chiropractor.

Stories such as, the practice member who tirelessly travels hours every week to train her dog to become a search and rescue dog, to someday rescue a missing child or adult. Or the woman who stood up to for her neighbor and community, by reporting a crime even though it put her at risk. The parents who drive their son to countless hockey practices, games, tournaments, and camps; just to show him they will support him and his dreams at whatever cost. I admire the 70-year-old man who completed a half marathon! Or the story of a practice member following another practice member home to help him climb the stairs to his house, because she saw he was alone and in pain. I admire the mother who drives twice a week from Grand Rapids, so her children can receive chiropractic adjustments, which will give them the foundation for a life of health and wellness. I am in awe of the parents who open their hearts and home to foster children, who for however brief, will know what it feels like to be loved and cherished. I admire the woman who shares her chiropractic care with her mother and siblings, so they too can live a healthier life. I respect the woman who juggles a family and career, yet still makes time to exercise daily, for she knows exercise makes her a better wife, mother, sister, friend, and teacher. Finally, I am in wonderment of the mother who labors for hours, while her loving husband supports her, so they can birth a beautiful child into this world.

These are only a few of the thousands of stories that have inspired me over the years. Your stories and actions motivate me to face my fears, and to commit daily, to perform random acts of kindness.

And for this, I thank you!

Holiday Hours

Posted: December 14, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

Please be aware of our hours through the holidays. Open: Saturday, December 23 and Saturday, December 30 from 9-11:45 am. Closed: Monday, December 25, Tuesday, December 26 and Monday, January 1. Take advantage of our Saturday hours since both Mondays will be closed. Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

We keep our standard hours on our Website's home page and our Facebook page. To watch for a change to our hours, please check Facebook posts on our page, my "Healthy Thoughts" blog as well as our office emails. If you are not receiving emails from us, please call the office for more information: 231-893-1744.


Do You Want to Be Healthier?

Posted: November 13, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

If I was to ask you, “Do you want to be healthier?” I’d imagine you’d say “Yes.”  If I asked if you wanted your children to be healthier, you’d say “Yes.”  If I asked about your loved ones, you’d say “Yes.” Who on this planet actually doesn’t want better health?

Then problem I found is that the bridge between getting or being healthier, and how Chiropractic plays a part, isn’t always clear. 

Chiropractic comes across as complicated with words like “Subluxation,” and “Degeneration.”  Most people don’t know which organ is our Master Organ (The Brain) and they do not know that we have a network of over 74 trillion nerves between the brain and the body.  And that is OK.  But what we need to understand is that Chiropractic is truly simple.  Chiropractors examine you for “blocks to healing,” or interferences to the body’s ability to function properly and be truly healthy.  Chiropractors find and adjust those blockages and allow for the body to do the healing.  The massive nerve network can communicate easier and the body can work as God intended.  Chiropractors also remove blockages to our connection to Grand Organized Designer, the “Higher Power.”  Healthier People = Healthier Planet means if our connection to self, others, community and GOD are at their best, then we are at our best.

So with that in mind, how does one stop Chiropractic care? The desire to be connected, especially in today’s world, has never been greater.  What we can offer you is to have your body working better, not just today, three months from now or even a year from now.  Why not work at being our best for a lifetime?

Chiropractic for a lifetime seems like a very large commitment (although that is what I offer my children, and your children deserve that too).  Health for a lifetime sounds grand. Connection to self, others and a higher power sounds ideal. God gave us this body to care for and love.  Let’s do Him a favor and honor that gift.

It comes down to two choices.  Do we want a life that’s “Not bad,” or a life that is great?  It is up to you!

Our Annual Children's Appreciation Day Santa Event is November 30th

Posted: November 6, 2017
By: Dr. Helena


Children Appreciation Day, With Santa!

BFC is holding our annual Children Appreciation Day with Santa onThursday, November 30th!The event startsat3pm. Santa arrives at 3:30pm. Our professional photographer, Shawna, will be taking the kids' pictures with Santa. The Massage Therapists will be giving complementary kid massages. Our already established "Chiro-Kids" will receive a complementary adjustment and the chance to put their hand print on our kids room wall. This event is open to the public. Parents have an opportunity to have their children examined by Dr. Brent and Dr. Helena, to learn more about Chiropractic for their children, to take advantage of the picture with Santa, the massages and goodies. All are welcome to enjoy this fun event! Light refreshments will be served.

Christmas on the Reservation

Posted: November 6, 2017
By: Dr. Helena


CHRISTMAS ON THE RESERVATION IS IN FULL SWING!  This year, we are taking $50 donations to receive a complementary first visit for new patients. This includes the consultation, Chiropractic Spinal Physical Exam, and Full Spine X-rays if necessary. 100% of the donations will go towards purchasing toys and coats for the children, ages birth to 18 on the Fort Peck Reservation. (This does not apply to Medicare and Medicaid patients.) When our established patients participate, they will get entered into a drawing for great prizes! Thank you for helping the children have another wonderful Christmas this year!

Do You Cleanse?

Posted: November 6, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

Dr. Brent and I just finished a 7 day cleanse.  We have done Isagenix cleanses for years and we really like Isagenix. However, we thought it was time to try new products. We purchased a cleanse from EnivaHealth products.  What makes Eniva different is that the supplements you take for the cleanse are liquid whole food vitamin and mineral combinations. There are no starvation days on this cleanse. It is important that you are feeding yourself well. You need to eat as close to 100 percent organic as you can, make home cooked meals and have healthy snacks planned. You do not want to bombard your body with chemicals as it is attempting to clean them out. For the week, you avoid dairy, alcohol, sugar, breads, rice and pasta.

Eniva has various products that excite both of us, like products for bone health, brain health and immune health. We like high quality products that support your Chiropractic adjustments and as always, we use them too. In our office next week, you will see various liquid vitamin pouches on our counter to buy and sample. One pouch is $3 or two pouches for $5. From sleeping better, to more energy, to feeding yourself better, these blends serve different purposes. I have personally tried all of the blends in these pouches. If you are interested in learning more about the Eniva cleanse or other products from adult or kids liquid multivitamins, please visit the link below. The Eniva website is very easy to utilize, with valuable information.  To visit, please use this website link and share code to place an order and receive free shipping:


Share code is: 75806

Promo Code is: Beacom

Do You Exercise Regularly?

Posted: November 6, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

Here is my confession: exercise has never been a regular part of my life.  Of course when I was a kid, I loved to walk, ride my bike, roller skate/roller blade and swim.  As an adult, I love the way I feel when I'm exercising regularly.  I wish I could tell you that exercising is always a priority, but it isn't, and I'm working hard to change that about myself.  Most of us move away from pain faster then we move towards pleasure.  For instance, it took me seeing myself on film and not liking my appearance (pain), to start a much needed cleanse and exercise routine.  I finally realized that just feeling good from exercise, knowing it is good for me, and fitting in my clothes better (pleasure) still isn't enough.  I need to be inspired and held accountable by my peers. I am surrounded by several Mom's that make exercise a priority almost daily.  I want to be a part of that group.  I check in each week with Dr. Carly to let her know how many days I worked out last week.  I am proud to tell her 6-30 minutes exercise sessions when I speak with her this week.  This accountability from a person that has chosen exercise for a lifetime helps me stay on track.

We all need a team around us that is doing more than we are.  It challenges us and gives us something to work towards.  It also helps that my mindset has changed towards exercise.  Before I would have an END goal- a vacation for instance.  I never had a LIFETIME exercise goal before.  For the short term, I have a 6 month plan written out and as I approach that date, I will rewrite goals again.  But this time I am wanting to be stronger and healthier for a lifetime, versus worrying about putting on a  bathing suit.  This is definitely a more profound reason to take care of myself.

Let's inspire each other to be the best we can be!  Each of us have talents we need to share to create a community of greatness.  If we all seek to work together, just imagine what we can create together!  Healthier People = Healthier Planet at it's best!

The Art of Being Busy

Posted: November 6, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

It is crazy how busy life is.  We are all busy it seems.  I haven't written a blog post since October 13.  Every time I try to sit down to write, it seems something interrupts the process.  I am in the midst of projects for the office and our home.  It feels great to get to much needed organization and clean up.  We are sprucing up the office and making some fun changes. Finally on our west wall, we have 7 historical newspaper advertisements (Thank you Dr. Cliff!) that were printed in the early days of Chiropractic, by Dr. DD and Dr. BJ Palmer.  Please take a stroll down our hallway and take a look!  Various picture frames are changing colors, new posters are going up and some old posters have already come down. We are getting ready to have our annual Children's Appreciation Day with Santa and to add more beautiful hand prints to our walls.  Some new accent colors will be added around the office, (hopefully before the new year) and who knows what else? I'm on the move and having fun. 

I am making sure that all that I'm doing is not preventing me from still taking care of myself.  It is crucial that we maintain our healthy habits especially when we are at our busiest. We need to feed our bodies well, to have the fuel to keep going.  We need enough sleep to have the energy to do what we want to do.  We need to exercise so we get a physical and emotional break from the busyness.  We need to be in the right frame of mind to take on the projects so they get completed in good time.  We need to maintain or increase our adjustment schedule so our body is strong enough to keep moving with us.  We should never be too busy to take care of ourselves. 


Posted: October 11, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

Germs are all over the news.  The latest and greatest viral or bacterial infection always seems to make headlines.  But before we run to the pill bottle out of desperation we need to recognize that germs are all around us ALL the time.  We have germs in and on our body and yet we aren't sick ALL the time.  Imagine that!  We have absolutely no idea what we are breathing in after a stranger sneezes right next to us, and yet we don't die each time someone sneezes on us. 

The truth is, we can't, nor should we live in an anti-germ bubble.  That would make us weak and sick!  In the words of the late Dr. Fred Barge, "If the germ theory of disease was correct, we would all be walking around here dead."

The germ theory states that germs cause disease.  Is that true?  According to Dr. Jonathan Eisen, Microbiologist at the University of California, “Sometimes germs are good, sometimes they’re bad.  Nothing is good or bad all the time.”  With all of the antibiotics, "anti-germ" cleansers and soaps we have been using, we are actually killing off the good bugs that help keep the bad bugs under control, which is also making us weak and sick.  

We need to start focusing on our God given immune system.  We cannot control the germs floating around us, but we can control the power of our immune system.  Germs cannot cause disease in a healthy body.  Only a sick body will provide the right environment for bad germs to thrive.  Each and EVERY body can ALWAYS use more health.  How do we create more health and a stronger immune system in the body? If you ask our kids, they will tell you; "Eat good foods, get enough sleep, exercise, have happy thoughts and GET ADJUSTED!"  Independent researcher Ron Pero, Ph.D at New York University, found that Chiropractic patients have an immune response within 15 minutes of their adjustments.  He also found, the longer a person is under consistent Chiropractic care, the stronger the immune system becomes.  Parents often tell us their kids are sick less often in school when under Chiropractic care and they notice a difference in their children when they aren't getting adjusted regularly.

The argument in the news is for the immune compromised children.  They can ABSOLUTELY use more health and a stronger immune system!  When people suffering from AIDS were put under Chiropractic care, their immune function started to increase!  I was a sick kid growing up.  When I started Chiropractic care, I didn't have so much as the common cold for 3 years! Imagine this for a kid that suffered from chronic ear infections, bronchitis and tonsillitis and who knows how many rounds of antibiotics, to not have a sniffle for 3 years? Chiropractic is life changing.

By getting your children adjusted by a Chiropractor, you are promoting a better functioning nerve system and a stronger immune system.  What better investment is there for your children?  They deserve it!



Small Blessings

Posted: September 29, 2017
By: Dr. Helena

I was 15 when my Grandfather died. 15. I remember crying while my Dad hugged me. Grandpa Joe had great stories. And I felt guilty because as much as I wanted to listen to them all, I also wanted to hug him and just go play with my friends.

Small blessings show up in the toughest of times. God often gives you MORE than you can handle on a regular basis to see what you are made of. I met my Uncle Ted, because my Grandfather passed away. The family split between the east and west coast. I didn't think about it until my grandfather died. I had the great opportunity to fly out west with my grandmother. My Uncle Ted wanted a reunion of sorts at his house in Washington State. I was just 16 years old. He was a younger, more active version of my grandfather. I loved his laughter, his physicality, his love for life. Uncle Ted's laugh could stop a room.

Uncle Ted went out of his way to make all of us comfortable. He also wanted us to see the Pacific Northwest. He was this amazing man I fell in love with. A man I went out of my way to spend time with through my 20s.

Uncle Teddy passed away this week. It hit me really hard. I find myself walking around my kitchen, apologizing that I haven't been to see him in 9 years. But I hear his laughter. I know that I am better because he was in my life. I recognize that it took death of a loved one, for this man to be in my life. Life is all full of twists and turns. People will show up to help you through tough times. My uncle taught me to laugh regardless of the pain you're going through. He taught me to love, even when you no longer can touch a person. He taught me that blessings can be found in tough times.

I am grateful for my time with my grandfather and my uncle. I am sad they are gone, but I am a better person because they were both in my life. I can't go say goodbye at his funeral this weekend, but I hear his laughter and that makes me smile.

How do you say goodbye from a distance? Faith tells me he can hear my prayers and faith lets me hear his laughter. Faith tells me his is free.