This Calendar and Events page is scheduled in January of each year.  Please scroll down to find the next event:


Pet Supply Drive: January 29th - March 1st, 2024

Our first fundraiser of the year supports two animal shelters and adoption centers: Pound Buddies of Muskegon and Oceana County Animal Shelter. This fundraiser is in remembrance of our BFC "Therapy Dogs;" Thea, Harvey and Ruby. 

The Doctors at BFC work with Gered Dahl, the Vice-President and a co-owner of Tri-County Feed Service.  

Gered helps maximize all the proceeds from this fundraiser to provide pet food, cleaning products and other necessary pet supplies to these two shelters.  Each year Gered and Dr. B load up two trucks and personally deliver all of the supplies as well as do tours of the facilities.  Thanks to Gered and our practice members, we truly help our furry friends in need!





Food Supply Drive: May 6st - June 7th, 2024


The second fundraiser of the year is held to support our White Lake Area Food Pantry. Each year BFC collects non-perishable food items as well as hygiene products during a time of the year when the food pantry does not get as many donations. With the help from practice members, BFC donates over 2000 pounds of food annually. "It is a wonderful thing to watch people in our community come together to help others. It is heart warming to see two pickup trucks filled to the brim with donations for the food pantry," says Dr. Helena. Everyone at BFC loves providing much needed supplies to the White Lake Area Food Pantry.

"We appreciate the work you do to help people in our community & your concern about hunger. Thank you once again for your work to help alleviate hunger in Whitehall & Montague." Revs. Pam & Keith Koebel, Co-pastors of White Lake Congregational U.C.C. and Karen Bonczyk, coordinator of Share the Blessing Food Pantry.



Nigerian Water Wells Project: July 29th - August 30th, 2024



The third fundraiser of the year supports the Samuel Omogo Foundation, Nigerian water well project.  The Samuel Omogo Foundation was created in 2012 by Marge Wilson, Karie James and Fr. Peter Omogo to foster the responsible development of clean water sources for villages in south eastern Nigeria. Samuel Omogo was a Nigerian man, and Fr. Peter's brother, who dedicated his life to improving the lives of people in Nigerian villages.  Samuel was known for his philanthropic deeds of visiting the sick, bringing food, clothing and school supplies to those in need.  He died, after battling an illness, at the young age of 47. To honor his commitment to improving the health and wellness of Nigerian people, the Samuel Omogo Foundation builds water wells for people in local villages. Today, the foundation helps bring clean water to approximately 103,000 people whom would otherwise drink and cook using contaminated water from creeks, caves and river beds.

The doctors at BFC will be working with Fr. Peter Omogo and all proceeds will go towards a water well in Nigeria.  

To learn more about this foundation please visit:


Christmas on the Reservation Dates: October 7th - November 15th, 2024

The fourth fundraiser is called Christmas on the Reservation. BFC decorates their office for Christmas and collects gifts for the Native American children in Montana. A group of Chiropractors called The New Renaissance started a non-profit organization in 2005 called Love Has No Color. Sadly, the Native American children live in Third World conditions and often do not have enough food or clothing. Deb Fick, a BFC's former CA, said, "Seeing the kids run for free shoes was eye-opening when we visited Fort Peck in 2012. Seeing first hand all of these children in need just made me want to do more. Going to Fort Peck to give out the gifts in December 2013 and 2015 was gratifying to see how much the kids appreciate our efforts. We made their Christmas and they made mine!"

When LHNC began, donations went towards building a movie theater and the Chiropractic Clinic.  The entire building was condemned at that time.  Seven years of work and hundreds of volunteers later, both were completed. Since then, the kids have a social meeting space that provides protection from dangerous influences like gangs, drugs and crime.  Food is often provided for the children at the movie theater.  In 2019, 100% of donations to LHNC went towards the preservation and maintenance of the theater. Those donations provided a safe haven for the kids on the reservation.  Thank you to everyone who has participated since LHNC began!

Chiropractors and their practice members from all over the country have the opportunity to visit the Fort Peck Reservation and hand out the presents that were collected through the months of October and November. To learn more about Love Has No Color, please visit: