Doctors and Staff

Beacom Family Chiropractic started serving the White Lake area in December, 2000, and moved into our current location in October, 2005.

The first time you walk into your office, you will recognize that it's quite different than any other doctor's office that you may have visited before. As part of our team we have two Doctors, a massage therapist, a radiation technologist and even a therapy dog! We take a team approach to health, and each and every one of us are committed to helping you and your family with the three types of care we offer in our office: condition-based care, reconstructive care, and wellness care.

Our office is centered around improving neurological function by working with the cranial and spinal bones. The benefits of regular Chiropractic care are infinite, and we would love the opportunity to share Chiropractic with you. Our focus is on family care, as you will see from the minute you walk into our office. Our beautiful family tree was painted by local artist Sharon Smithem. You will also notice her art above the front desk that says "Healthier People = Healthier Planet." BFC is driven by this motto to provide opportunities for our community's children to grow up with a more natural understanding of health. Many of us in middle age are attempting to regain our health, but here at BFC, we work with pregnant moms, babies, and children so they can start out the way their body was truly made to be: healthy from the start!

Meet our team by clicking on their biographies below, and let us help you get started on the path to a healthier you!

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