Angie Murdoch

Chiropractic Assistant

Angie Murdoch

Angie Murdoch  joined BFC in 2015.  We are blessed to have found yet another amazing team member!  She is the happy face you will see in the afternoons here at BFC.  Angie will make you feel right at home as she introduces you to our office and helps you with your first visit paperwork.  Angie started her journey with BFC as a patient first.  Upon seeing fewer headaches and being inspired to eliminate all OTC drugs, Angie fell in love with the Chiropractic lifestyle.  She quickly saw the importance of her family being under Chiropractic care and getting healthier, too.  Outside the office, Angie spends her time with her wonderful husband and two amazing kids.

Angie started working at BFC about three years ago to the time of this interview. You'll find her, and sometimes her dog, in the front office, checking you in and doing a lot of other mysterious things to keep the office running. But what is Angie like when she isn't working? Inquiring minds want to know more...

Karen: “What inspired you to work here?”

Angie: "I was a patient here first. Then I heard about Riley leaving. I had a medical receptionist certification, so I asked if they could use me. There was no interview process for me."

Karen: “Why do you stay?"

Angie: "Because I am part of the family here." Everyone, including Angie, has described the environment and themselves and other staff as adaptable, with a "go-with-the-flow" approach.

Karen: What do you bring here that is unique, and how are you similar compared to other staff?

Angie: "There is a "kookiness" about us, so I fit right in. I have a laid-back attitude. I'm a little different because I own a Bulldog. We have "Frogger Fridays" in the office--Frog is named after MacGyver's dog on the old TV series.

Karen: “Kids? Hobbies? Other pets?"

Angie: "I have a son, 20, and a step-daughter, 21, finishing college. I'm married. We have a mean cat, which would not fit in here! When asked if she is "outdoorsy", she answered with a definitive "no". She doesn't like camping, either. But something I didn't know about her is that she enjoys riding with her husband on his Harley.

Karen: “What kind of music do you prefer in the office?"

Angie: "I can listen to just about anything, from Frank Sinatra to Rap."

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Interview by Karen Palmer, Patient and Chiropractic Advocate