Cranial Adjusting

Beacom Family Chiropractic is proud to offer CRANIAL ADJUSTMENTS

with Dr. Helena Beacom 

To parents, teachers, and therapists of children with special needs: Are your children getting the outcomes you anticipated, especially with your current therapies?

Why Adjust the Bones of the Skull?

The first head injury can occur during childbirth. Statistics show that 80% of us born vaginally in a hospital setting have damage to the head and neck from the birth process. Sadly, C-Sections guarantee that damage. Prior to birth, constant pressure of mom's pelvic bones in-utero can already misshapen a baby's head. Fifty percent of children fall from a high place, they hit their head on tables, or fall off furniture and down stairs, causing repeat damage to the cranial bones and the underlying brain tissue. Kids fall over one hundred times a day when learning to walk, further impacting an already damaged area.  As kids get older, the incidences of head injuries from hits from baseball bats, swings, balls, pucks, fists and other sports injuries occur. As we head into adulthood, car accidents and industrial accidents are extremely common. Unfortunately, most of these patients do not receive adequate care for these injuries, and their conditions deteriorate and result in chronic debilitating health problems, starting with damage caused by the birth process.

What Sort of Patients Does Dr. Helena See?

Unfortunately, parents are not given an instruction manual at the birth of their children. At Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Helena was well trained to adjust children and adults. But with all her training, Dr. Helena had to start learning cranial adjusting when she didn't know how to help her son with his cranial misalignments. She learned first hand about tongue ties, neurological tongue ties, and Primitive (developmental) reflexes when her son had issues with breast feeding and started showing developmental delays. His needs pushed her to further her study under Dr. Roger Turner ( and later Kate Wagner, ( to not only help her son, but to help children struggling just like him. She became very passionate about helping moms and children alike. Dr. Helena works with children suffering from birth injuries, failure to thrive, difficulties nursing/latching as well as kids on the Autism spectrum, kids with focusing issues, behavior issues and digestive issues. By decreasing the pressure on the brain and nervous system with Chiropractic adjustments, the body can do amazing things and heal in amazing ways.  Adding Rhythmic Movements to a child's care will link together different parts of the brain with the goal of bringing each child to their maximum potential. These specific movements assist in integrating the primitive, postural and lifelong reflexes.  For infants, children, teens and adults, BRMT is about resetting the foundations of brain organization and postural abilities by completing developmental steps that may have been missed because of pre-natal trauma or due to injury, stress or environmental conditions during infancy or later in life. Movements that exist as inborn motor, primitive reflex patterns and continue throughout our lives may need to be activated and integrated to help an individual develop normally and perform optimally." (Excerpt taken from learn more, visit: and


Dr. Helena Beacom, DC, CATS Practitioner

Dr. Helena has been on a health journey for nearly two-thirds of her life.  Her most recent adventure is having this journey published in The Happy Brain, WAKE UP book. The book became available Fall 2019 and can be purchased on Amazon. You can purchase a copy at BFC for $15 each. Here is a piece from the book:

"I believe the chemical, emotional and physical stress on our children is having generational effects." Even with natural births, I’m seeing skull bones that aren’t returning to their normal shape, putting so much pressure on different areas of the brain. More and more children have misshaped  skulls that are interfering with the cranial nerves in the brain. This interference is seen in the baby’s inability to latch, nurse successfully, and develop properly; especially through the first years with speech, reading, and writing.  Children are having amazing results with cranial and spinal care. But creating positive change to the body takes time. Health is a life-long journey. It is not a quick fix. Creating and maintaining health begins with both brain and nervous system function, and it has become my lifelong mission for myself, my children and our community."  - Dr. Helena Beacom, DC

Following in her mentor's footsteps, Dr. Helena takes care of people with various health issues that are willing to travel for care.  Cranial adjusting isn't very common around the globe but has amazing results.  People search out Dr. Helena when they haven't received answers elsewhere.  When people come from afar, depending on the amount of time they can spend and their medical issues, Dr. Helena creates a custom, and extremely intensive plan for their healing.  Dr. Helena works closely with those that reach out even prior to their arrival. It is crucial that they are willing to do what it takes to get results and to complete what Dr. Helena lays out for their care.  Healing can be difficult, but with Dr. Helena's expertise and custom care, you will have an experience like no other.  To learn more, please visit "Travel to BFC."