Dr. Nathan Elliott, DC, CATS Practitioner

Dr. Nate was first introduced to cranial work while still a student at Life University and immediately knew in his heart that he wanted to incorporate this type of specialty work into his own Chiropractic practice. A North Muskegon native, Dr. Nate also knew that he wanted to begin his Chiropractic profession in his hometown area where he might be able to network with, and learn from, well-established Chiropractic professionals while simultaneously sharing his art with the community that he so loves. While still immersed in his studies at Life U, Dr. Nate researched local Chiropractic offices and found only one that actually offered cranial adjustments; Beacom Family Chiropractic. Something about the BFC website resonated with him and Dr. Nate felt compelled to contact the doctors to learn more about their practice. Dr. Helena invited Dr. Nate to study under her mentor, Dr. Roger Turner, DC, to further his understanding of cranial adjusting. With a hunger to learn more, even in the midst of final exams, Dr. Nate traveled with peers to attend Dr. Turner’s seminar.  Impressed with Dr. Brent and Dr. Helena's willingness to share their knowledge and expertise, Dr. Nate took the opportunity to intern at BFC near the end of his schooling. This allowed him to learn even more about the multitude of dynamics involved in operating a full-fledged Chiropractic practice. He observed and studied under both doctors for several months prior to his graduation, establishing himself as a well-loved member of the team.  Dr. Nate officially joined Beacom Family Chiropractic in August of 2018 as an Associate Doctor. Incorporating cranial adjustments into his practice here at BFC has already shown to be rewarding for our practice members. For being a young doctor, Dr. Nate is a wiz with adjusting extremities and a quick learner of Cranial Adjusting Turner Style. Dr. Nate’s knowledge, compassion, smile and laughter aids in our practice members’ healing here at BFC. He has a genuine love for his art and a passion for helping people reach their wellness goals.  We are truly honored to have him as part of our family.