Danielle Rademaker, RT (R) (ARRT)

X-Ray Tech. & Chiropractic Assistant

Danielle Jordan

Danielle Rademaker, our x-ray technician and Chiropractic assistant, started working at BFC in April of 2011. She was a fixture in the front office for some time, but these days she is getting busy with her roles in the back of the office. She wants everyone to know, "I still work here. If you ever want to see me, you can just come into the back and knock on my office door." We did an interview to help everyone get to know this not-so-hidden, not-so secret staff member...

Karen: “What inspired you to work here?”

Danielle: Danielle graduated from Baker Radiology, passed her boards in 2010, and took a summer off for her young children. But as Hackley and Mercy were merging, a local office was in need of an x-ray technician and gave her a call. She started the application process at their request, but their response was taking weeks. So she called BFC and asked Sindy if they needed an x-ray tech. Dr. Brent could not believe it! Just within the previous week, they had decided to acquire one! The rest is history.

Karen: “Why do you stay?"

Danielle: "I couldn't even imagine working anywhere else at this point." She feels like she is part of a family here at the office, and has since the first week. There was an unfortunate illness and death in her family just days after she started working, and she was surprised and relieved when Dr. Brent told her, "God, family work", and gave her a week off to be with her family. She appreciates the family values here.

Karen: “What do you bring here that is unique, and how are you similar to other staff members?”

Danielle: "I am the only one certified in x-ray, so that's unique. My peculiar sense of humor." I had to ask if that makes her unique or similar, and she laughed and said it was probably both. She is the big jokester, having "concocted the silly string incident" and other pranks around the office. She says she has a bigger family, and tends to be more blunt as she relates to patients than other staff member.

Karen: “Where do you see yourself and your role in the office in ten years?”

Danielle: "I think I will still be doing more of the same. Last year, we did over 500 x-rays, and we are doing even more this year. Digital has made a big difference." If the office continues to expand as the Beacoms expect, there may be a need for another x-ray technician, but Danielle has no plans to leave!

Karen: “Kids, Pets?”

Danielle: "I have two kids, and 3 step-kids: Trinity is almost 14, Clayton is 11, Kollin is 17, Alia is 14, Braxten is 6. We have a lot of pets! There are two dogs: beagle Daisy, Lab Shelby, cats Alaska and Felix, plus chickens, ducks, a guinea pig, and an oscar fish." She giggled the whole time she listed off the pets.

Karen: “What kind of music do you prefer in the office?”

Danielle: "I like all kinds of music.

Karen: “Do you have a favorite holiday?”

Danielle: "Yes, Halloween. And Christmas, but not too early."

Interview by Karen Palmer, Patient and Chiropractic Advocate