Helena Beacom, D.C.


Helena Beacom, D.C.

Dr. Helena Beacom has been a licensed Chiropractor since March 2002. She sold her practice in Illinois to join Dr. Brent in Whitehall in 2006. Together they promote a family wellness practice and over 30 years of practice experience. Their focus is not only to get sick people well, but to keep well people well.  Dr. Helena is certified in Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (CATS) as well as spinal adjusting. She works with patients of all ages, but Dr. Helena really loves to work with children.

Dr. Helena started working at BFC six years to the day from when Dr. Brent opened his office across the street (in 2000). They soon had two small children, so Dr. H. took about three years off to focus on them before returning to work. Six years ago, she started doing cranial adjustments as well. So, how much has changed? What has stayed the same? What does she see in the future? Inquiring minds want to know...

Karen:  “As a patient, I have experienced firsthand how you have complimented the Chiropractic care and patient interactions at the office. What is the same/different about you, Dr. Brent and Dr. Nate?”

Dr. Helena: People in the office used to say that I was so quiet compared to Dr. Brent. So I would say one main difference early on was volume. Dr. Brent has a lot of energy and tends to be louder. I think I am a bit louder now. Another benefit was that some women really prefer to have a female doctor. So I offered that sense of comfort for them.

One of the changes I have experienced is the difference in my cranial work over time. At first, it was something I studied because I needed to be able to help my own child. But now parents and all patients consider it an interesting, beneficial add-on to their regular care. So for me, it has become a way to "mother" other people's children, and to alleviate and prevent the stress of mothers. For patients, the type of people who are attracted to cranial, and to all Chiropractic care, has shifted. They are generally more welcoming of natural approaches to health care. I think that is an exciting shift to experience.

I think Dr. Nate is a great fit, too. He's like a little brother. He has a "go-with-the-flow" attitude and gets along with everyone. There also seems to be a myth that men do not have a good nurturing approach to children, but both Dr. Brent and Dr. Nate can go from adjusting adults to softly adjusting children and it is a beautiful thing to watch.

Karen:  “How does a new patient know which doctor to go to?"

Dr. Helena: It depends. Sometimes it's a matter of getting them into the schedule with whoever is first available because they need to be seen soon. Sometimes they come in with a request already in mind. Sometimes the staff make a determination by discussing their situation over the phone. In many cases, a determination is made with the review of an initial exam. Also, all three of us with consult with each other on cases and make recommendations as we determine our patients' needs. So any one patient can consider themselves as having three doctors at their service here.

Karen:  “What do you want to learn next to help your patients?”

Dr. Helena: I am learning more about developmental reflexes and cranial all the time. I have been given permission from Dr. Roger Turner to teach CATS in the United States.  As I start teaching CATS cranial adjusting in 2019, and possibly teaching about developmental reflexes in the future, I am sure I will have a lot more to share with parents on both subjects.

Karen:   “I've noticed some new music playing in the office. Yay! What do YOU want to hear as you work? ”

Dr. Helena:  All three doctors have different music preferences but I think we need more pep. I would like some songs I can sing to, including, "The Greatest Showman" or some Disney music.  I think the music from the movie, The Greatest Showman applies to our office: "It's everything you ever want, It's everything you ever need.  And it's here right in front of you. This is where you wanna be." Lyrics from, "The Greatest Show."  BFC is truly an experience and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Interview by Karen Palmer, Patient and Chiropractic Advocate

  • Education:

    • Certified in CATS; Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (www.turnerwellness.com)
    • Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA (www.palmer.edu)
    • Graduate of the State University of NY at Geneseo with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology
  • Associations & Memberships:

    • Licensed in the state of Michigan
    • Member of The New Renaissance since 2006 (www.coachingforchiropractors.com)
    • Member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors (https://www.chiromi.com)