Brent Beacom, D.C.


Brent Beacom, D.C.

I have been a patient of Dr. B's for almost 15 years. Interviewing him for this process brought back memories of many conversations over the years for both of us. I thought it would be interesting to ask him these questions. I hope they help you to get to know him better, too.

Karen: “Why Chiropractic?” The short story: When he was about ten years old, he watched his mother recover from an injury after an accident. She healed through Chiropractic. For the next several years, this active adolescent boy experienced multiple fractures and other injuries which resulted in a growing disdain for traditional medicine. He was interested in how the body worked and healed, but he wasn't comfortable with the usual medical approach. While in college, he met a young Chiropractor who explained the basics of the Chiropractic philosophy to him. Dr. Brent's new friend had ready answers to his questions, and they matched what he knew about medicine, but with a different perspective which suited him. So the new journey began…

Karen: “Think back to when you first started your Chiropractic practice. Compare that Dr. Brent to the new Dr. Brent. What differences stand out to you, and what has stayed the same?” Dr. Brent: “I'll answer what has stayed the same—my enthusiasm to help each person. What has changed is my ability to communicate the message of health and Chiropractic. I am just as blunt, but I offer the information and let them decide for themselves what they want to choose. Even if I only see them for a couple minutes, I am 'all-in', with love and compassion, for as long as I have them. I don't take it personally if they choose to walk away. I stay in my lane, and do what I know how to do. I don't heal anyone. I just do my part and let the body heal itself”. He plays on that strength, and is happy to introduce people to professionals in other fields of wellness to help people be successful, but tries to focus only on his role for as long as people will let him.

Karen: “What are you most proud of?” Dr. Brent: “Connecting with parents in such a way that they trust me with their children.” That answer came quickly; “family” is an important aspect of what BFC is all about.

Karen: “What challenges do you face?” Dr. Brent: “Fighting the pre-programming that people have when it comes to pharmaceuticals, etc. [in Chiropractic philosophy, this is called, “the educated mind”].” He is always looking for a way to gently get past the individual's past education to shift their thought processes just enough so they can open themselves to the possibilities of Chiropractic. This requires focusing on the benefits of what he does instead of what he doesn't do.

Karen: “Where do you see your practice another ten years from now (currently fall 2018)?” Dr. Brent: “I see an expanded building, and two or three more docs, serving more people.” He sees himself eventually adjusting the grandchildren of current patients.

Karen: “What do you want to do or learn next to help your patients?” Dr. Brent: “I want to focus on doing more community speaking, and more family wellness.” He wants to engage more with community outreach, rather than just wait for people to walk in on their own. Education is important to BFC. He wants more people to know that they can do better, and how, and that they can break a cycle of ill health by introducing their children to Chiropractic and wellness care also.  There is no doubt about it-- Dr. Brent has always been, and will always be, interested in helping people reach their full potential of health, with Chiropractic as the main aspect of their wellness care. His ego for his personal strengths, balanced with his humility for the source and with his love for others, allows his positive, healing energy to spread to all who get to know him.

Interview by Karen Palmer, Chiropractic Advocate

  • Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA (
  • Graduate of Alma College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Exercise and Health Science

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  • Licensed in the state of Michigan
  • Member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors (
  • Member of Plentz Academy of Chiropractic (