What is "Love Has No Color?"

Love Has No Color is a privately-funded, volunteer-driven movement dedicated to improving the living conditions of Native American tribes.  Started in 2005, by Drs. Kevin Pallis and Ed Plentz, LHNC has been working with the Fort Peck Reservation in eastern Montana.  Volunteer teams led by Dr. Kevin Pallis partner with the tribes multiple times throughout the year on projects designed to enhance and enrich the physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional lives of America's First People.  Through providing community projects, wellness centers, Kids' Days, holiday ceremonies, and more, LHNC is dedicated to bringing hope to these often third-world conditions.

How is Beacom Family Chiropractic Involved?

Beacom Family Chiropractic has been involved with Love Has No Color since the beginning, and is one of many chiropractic offices around the country dedicated to improving the lives of the Native American tribes.  BFC holds two annual fundraising events: a bowling event and 50/50 raffle in the spring, and a clothing and toy drive in the winter.  All proceeds and donations go to the Fort Peck and Spirit Lake Reservations.  In addition, Drs. Brent and Helena, as well as members of the office staff, go to the reservation to assist in community building projects, Kids' Day, and the holiday gift-giving ceremonies.

How Can I Help?

Love Has No Color provides several opportunities throughout the year for people to get involved and help improve the lives of the tribes-people.

Recently, LHNC held a fundraiser to build a Sports Court for the Fort Peck Reservation.  The goal was to raise $150,000 by July 31st, 2015, to provide a safe place for the children and teenagers to play basketball, street hockey, and lacrosse.

Every autumn, LHNC holds a Kids' Day "Boot Camp" designed specifically to give the children of the reservations a chance to enjoy a day of carnival activities and fun.  This year's festivities included a rock concert, cowboy and princess booths, face and nail painting, dunk tanks, and more.  Those interested in donating to Kids' Day, or to the reservations in general, can do so by downloading the donation form: click here for PDF

LHNC also participates in an annual gift-giving ceremony called Christmas on the Reservation.  In the last decade, over 150,000 gifts have been collected from around the country and presented to the children on the reservation.  For more information or to donate a gift, please stop by Beacom Family Chiropractic or contact Love Has No Color:


"Since being introduced 8 years ago, there has been positive progress in improving the health status of the people of the Fort Peck Reservation, more specifically the children.  [Love Has No Color has] helped in areas that at times are hard to detect, such as providing hope to children to improve their mental health.  They are consistent in coming back every year with a stronger message of hope.  Their above the line thinking brings out the best in our people, even in the more difficult groups.  They engage the children in promoting healthy lifestyles through good values, physical fitness, teamwork, dedication, compassion, sharing and caring.  What is really noticed is the respect and the compassion they give to everyone, all is important.  The Love Has No Color project puts it in perspective and they live by it.  Improving one's health by small acts speaks volumes in an unhealthy environment." - Kenneth Smoker, Jr., Health Programs Specialist, Health Promotion Disease Prevention Program

"I feel like crying because I'm so happy.  I'm so happy that there's people that actually care about my people the way I care.  Our kids are suffering of hopelessness.  This is a battle that I shouldn't have to fight amongst my own people.  This is what you guys bring to our people: you guys bring hope, you guys bring pride, you guys bring accountability to our people.  I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart and from the spirit within for how you guys help me deal with this." - Darryl Red Eagle, 1966-2011






August 14, 2015 

I just wanted to send out a “THANK YOU” to you and Love Has No Color members, for their participation in last week’s “Kids Fun Day”. It was a remarkable event, well organized prior to the coming out by all your members from the start.  It was one of the best times that I can remember. The momentum is getting greater after each visit, children get excited, more specific focus comes out, and especially from the group on how can they help.  I said in one interview, when we talk about some of the more tragic issues we face here on the reservation, suicide and suicide attempts have decreased since Love Has No Color came to our reservation. I know that we can’t specifically say this is a contributing factor, but I say, positive energy is coming out of caring and compassionate people unlike I have ever seen. Their energy is strong and uplifting, they mean what they say. Their honesty strikes deep, they have not left us.  It has given our children hope!

I tell many people it is very difficult living in an environment that can suck you in, in a negative way, but with good people coming onto the reservation like the “The New Renaissance Chiropractic Group” a breath of fresh air is given, and makes one want to work harder until the next time.  You all bring out the best in our people, what a gift!

As I reflect back, it has been hard for me to deal with some of the great people who left us, like Darryl Red Eagle, he was a very close friend, he  was inspiring to make the changes for our people especially our children, but left us unexpectedly. His commitment lives within us, he was a great warrior looking to protect and defend the children. The warriors of the past were instilled with; fortitude, generosity, wisdom and bravery, this is still within some of our people. We can see this with the New Renaissance, a new group of warriors coming in to help us move forward and believing in our people.  I think it is time to have chiropractic services here.

We are blessed to have you and others a part of our lives, an answered prayer.

Thank you for all you do!

Kenneth Smoker Jr.



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