Shannon Houts

Chiropractic Assistant

Angie Murdoch

I recently (fall of 2018) interviewed Shannon, in the hopes that we could get to know her better. Here is some of her story:

Karen: I asked Shannon, “Why BFC?” This is not a simple answer. To really understand why, we have to know a little of her history: Shannon was married 5 years ago, but sadly lost her husband. One year later, she lost her job and just days later was diagnosed with cancer. She was prescribed many types of drugs as a result. Inspired by the success of her son as he became closer to God and eliminated drugs from his life, she made a resolution to eliminate the narcotics from her life. Unfortunately, while trying to do this on her own, her body fought back, and she ended up in the emergency room. She then went through a slower process—19 months, going from five pills a day to one half, until she didn't need that anymore. She then shook off the “disabled” label.  She started to believe that she literally could move-- not just physically, but also emotionally, into the natural way of life. She started to clean houses, and helping others made her feel good. She said, “If I can do this, I think I can get a job.” With that mental/emotional door open, she was introduced to the Beacoms with a Health Talk (“Whoa! This is good stuff!”, she said). She saw the advertisement of the job opening at BFC, and was drawn to the positive environment and the concept of wellness care. She told them, “You're looking for a family member. You were put in my life for a reason. Worse case scenario, I don't get the job but I will become a patient.” She remembers the following from the job ad: “Come and join our version of crazy”, and she said she felt that it was just meant to be. She is excited to be a part of the BFC family. Shannon is now cancer free! She is ready for the next chapter, the next season, of life!

Now, for the more silly questions:

Karen: Cats or dogs?
Shannon answered that she doesn't mind cats, but she loves dogs.

Karen: Go green or go blue?
“Neither!” She is staying out of that one!

Karen: Dr. Brent needs new music in his office.
“Yes!” She recommends Cat Stevens' album, “The Laughing Apple”.

Karen: What is your favorite holiday?
“Christmas.” Yes, she goes all-out. “Maybe I'd better be Mrs Claus!” She is the type of person to start celebrating the Christmas holiday as early as Thanksgiving. Shannon has 3 grown children, and 5 grandsons, aged one to nine. I believe she could list all their ages correctly if you asked. She has no pets, but her boyfriend has had a Great Dane in the past, so there may be another in the future. Shannon is a great addition to the BFC family, so please don't be shy! Say “hello” next time you see her!

Interview by Karen Palmer, Chiropractic Advocate