Nathan Elliott, D.C.


Nathan Elliott, D.C.

I interviewed Dr. Nate with some questions designed to help us all get to know him better.

Karen: "Why BFC?" Dr. Nate answered that while he was at Life University (Chiropractic school), he did a simple Google search for Chiropractors in Muskegon, then Whitehall. He visited their websites and evaluated them as prospects for future job shadowing. He grew up in the Reeths-Puffer area, so it made sense to look for a good practice close to home. The last practitioner on the list was BFC. Very quickly he said, it felt like a "breath of fresh air". The site was very different than all of the others, and he was intrigued by the cranial service Dr. Helena was providing (and which he wanted to eventually offer as well). He immediately emailed with a request to shadow for a day. Dr. Helena responded quickly and it wasn't long before he was following both docs around like a puppy dog. He interned with the Beacoms, and the rest is history (and future).

Karen: "Go green or go blue?" "Green", he answered quickly with a smile. He's an MSU grad. Well, this ought to be interesting!

Karen: "Dogs or cats?" "Both." He prefers dogs, but he currently has a foster cat, Shayla. He intends to get a dog when he has settled into his own home.

Karen: "Are you funny?" "I hope so. You can just put, 'no'."

Karen: "Have you started to say things like, "That's awesome", or "Fair enough" yet? "Yes, "fair enough", he said with a hearty laugh and bright smile. "And I laugh whenever Dr. Helena says it." When asked if he has any "Nateisms", he answered that he wonders if one can tell about that without input from the people around him. Time will tell.

Karen: "What's your favorite holiday?" "The Fourth of July". "Do you go all out? Can we expect costumes?" Don't expect much for the Fourth, folks, but you might want to visit the office for Halloween this year. He already has plans! "Dr B. needs more music in the loop. What do you recommend?" To this, Dr. Nate laughed out loud and offered Britney Spears, but then suggested with a bit more seriousness the always entertaining Bob Marley.

Karen: Most of all, Dr. Nate wants everyone to know that he is excited to be here and looks forward to what the future holds for BFC and for his career. So please don't be shy! Say hello and have a chat with him, and don't be afraid to try a Dr. Nate adjustment when you're in!

Interview by Karen Palmer, Chiropractic Advocate


  • Graduated from Life University in Marietta, GA (
  • Graduate of Michigan State with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology

Associations & Memberships

  • Licensed in the state of Michigan
  • Member of Plentz Academy of Chiropractic (