Jen Wolffis

Esoteric Healing Practitioner

Jen Wolffis

Jennifer Wolffis is a Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, trained directly by Barbara Briner, DO, Founder of the National Association for Esoteric Healing. She is also a Physical Therapist, graduating from Grand Valley State University with her MSPT in 1995. She continues to work as a PT for Generation Care but also has her own Esoteric Healing practice, called "Heart Guided Healing." She joined the Beacom Family in 2013.

Esoteric Healing is a form of energy work used to treat the body's energy field. Illness, which is an indication that we are out of balance, first appears as a block in our energy field. If left unattended over time, it shows up in our physical body. For example, the root of a physical problem may be an emotional trauma from childhood which over time has presented itself as a physical problem. Through energy work, the emotional block can be removed which allows the physical pain or problem to resolve. Jen uses various balancing techniques to remove energy blocks and create a more flowing and healthy state. If we keep our energy fully vitalized and clear of blocks, we stay healthier. Esoteric Healing is a perfect adjunct to your chiropractic care.

Most physical, emotional, and mental conditions can benefit from Esoteric Healing. These include back/neck pain, extremity pain, Fibromyalgia, emotional traumas, ADHD, PTSD, developmental delay, cardio-pulmonary, gastrointestinal, depression, bipolar disorder, amputee phantom pain, headaches, and numerous other conditions. Jen has a special interest in neurologic disorders such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Autism, brain injury, stroke, dementia/Alzheimer's, spinal cord injury, and ALS.

Personally, Jen lives in Grand Haven. She's married with two teenagers and a dog.

For more information about Esoteric Healing and to see videos about Esoteric Healing and view a treatment, check out her website:


  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy, Grand Valley State Univ. 1994
  • Esoteric Healing Education: Institute for Bioenergy Studies 2011-present

Associations & Memberships:

  • Licensed in the state of Michigan - Physical Therapist
  • Member National Association for Esoteric Healing